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Biomass Briquette Press

The Biomass Briquette Press machine is a special equipment for stalk-like biomass materials such as corn stalks, branches, forages, sawdust, shavings, etc., which are extruded into blocks.
The straw briquettes produced by the device overcome the weakness of the straw itself, such as light weight, large volume, and easy to use wind and snow, and meet the requirements of commercialization. Corn stalks and bean stalks are generally used for pressing feed, and straw briquettes can also be used as fuel to make the raw materials of the briquettes more extensive.
The unit continuously and automatically squeezes a certain size of biomass material into a block of strong feed or fuel under pressure to facilitate storage and transportation.
The Biomass Briquette Press machine is a market-proven finished product based on the introduction of advanced equipment. The life span, unit energy consumption, stability, and trouble-free operation time of the main components of the equipment are superior to those of the same level. The biomass briquettes produced by this equipment have a large specific fuel ratio, high calorific value, and resistance to combustion, which can replace firewood. , coal, liquefied gas, natural gas, etc., widely used in domestic heating stoves, hot water and industrial boilers, biomass power plants.
As one of the leading biomass briquette press manufacturers and suppliers in China, we are glad to offer you biomass briquette press with reasonbale price and good service. All our products have been tested before shipping, so please be free to order from our website.
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